Our History

where we have come from, and where we are going

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Our Passion

find out more about the heart behind this restaurant


Our space was crafted to suit occasions all across the board. The patio gives a serene view of the lake. A seat at the bar offers a place to see not only our amazing beer selection but countless TVs showing whatever you please. Any seat gives a great view.


We offer tons of made-in-house options - something for everybody. Bar food with our own twist: wings, burgers, and tons of tasty shareables. Plus, if you aren't smitten with any of our ideas, try building something of your own. Check out the full menu.


Lovingly crafted local brews are our specialty. With 48 fully-loaded, alternating taps, we are sure to have something that tickles your fancy. Not feeling the adventure? Don't worry, we've got your classics covered. Check out our beer list!